History of Showa Electric Wire & Cable CO., Ltd. History of CHUO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD
1936 Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd founded.
1947 Started to deliver rubber vibration isolators for electric and household equipment makers.
1948 Announced to produce vibration isolation boards
1950 Many vibration isolation boards were delivered for Nihon Broadcast Society (NHK), and Commercial broadcasting companies.
1959 Technical tie-up with Barry’s Co., Ltd. was made “EL Show-mounts” were commercialized.
1967 “Pneumatic Board”, precise vibration isolation board was announced to produce. A new factory has been built in Ageo city, Saitama Prefecture. Design of “new general holographic interferometer” has been finished.
1969 The first domestic air spring system was delivered to the Agency of Industrial Science Technology mechanical testing. The contract delivery of positioning microscope for NC to Mazak Co., was made and delivered.
1970 The first anti-vibration system for semiconductor production was delivered to Optical Industrial Technical Research Association. “Filament projection machine” was delivered.
1972 The world first vibration isolation system for a 500kV electron microscope (80 ton) was delivered.
History of Showa Science Co., Ltd.
1974 SHOWA SCIENCE CO., LTD. was founded.
Company for trade and production of vibration isolation system and optical equipment.
1975 Vibration isolation support for cylinder presses were executed.
A domestic vibration isolation system for the big type holography interferometer (6m×1.9m, 72 ton)was first delivered.
1978 A large quantity of order for vibration isolations for big type forging presses were received.
A large quantity of vibration isolation system for exposure machine were delivered.
1979 Vibration isolator for VLSI was delivered.
1980 “Servosystem OS” with vibration attenuating honeycomb super plates was announced to produce.
1981 Big type anti-vibration system exclusively for extreme cryogenic devices were delivered.
Pit type anti-vibration system for electronic microscope were delivered.
1982 Anti-vibration tables for three-dimensional measurement machines were delivered.
1983 Desk type anti-vibration tables “Show Desk” were announced to produce.
1984 Small table top type anti-vibration boards “PB-3” were announced to produce.
1985 A big type vibration experiment machine has been installed in Sagamihara factory.
Small table top type anti-vibration boards “PB-4R Series” were announced to produce.
1986 The first domestic active anti-vibration system was delivered.
1987 Economy type precise anti-vibration tables “ORE” were announced to produce.
1988 Vibration isolation systems for anti-vibration building were delivered.
“VIP”, the first domestic air pressure type active anti-vibration board was delivered.
Many big type anti-vibration systems were delivered to the customers in Tsukuba area such as Agency of Industrial Science Technology.
1989 An active anti-vibration board for STM was delivered.
Super big type vibration isolation board for ultra-high voltage electronic microscope (300 ton) was delivered. Up to 2009 year, total 9 systems were delivered.
“Servo-desk ND”, precise anti-vibration table were announced to produce.
1996 The vibration isolation table 100 ton for optical communication between satellites equipment was delivered.
1998 Business transfer of precise anti-vibration tables was made to our company from Showa Electric Wire & cable Co., Ltd. The transfer was made in Sagamihara factory.
The cumulative number of air pressure type active anti-vibration systems exceeds 100.
Pits type active anti-vibration systems was delivered.
2001 Development of high performance active ant-vibration system started.
Hachioji factory founded.
2002 Development of stage feed forward and floor feed forward succeed on air pressure type anti-vibration system.
2003 VAAV, an air pressure type anti-vibration unit, has been announced to be produced.
2004 VAAV-L, an air pressure type anti-vibration unit, has been announced to be produced.
2005 Hachioji factory moved to Hashimoto.
2006 VAAV-H, an air pressure type anti-vibration unit, has been announced to be produced.
The first warp meter was delivered. Totally 9 warp meters were delivered up to 2010.
2007 A glass measurement machine was delivered. Totally 9 machines were delivered up to 2011.
2008 Equipment in Hashimoto factory has moved to Sagamihara and been reinforced.
2009 “ID”, precise vibration isolation desk, was announced to produce.
2011 VAAV-E, linear active anti-vibration system, was announced to produce.
2012 “ST-X series”, small type table type vibration isolation board was announced to produce.
2013 Tokyo head office has moved from Kanda-awajicho in Chiyoda-ku to Higashi-ohi in Shinagawa-ku.
Osaka sales business office has moved from Sonezaki in Kita-ku to Shinmachi in Nichi-ku.
2014 Super big pit type vibration isolation system for ultra-high voltage electronic microscope (300 ton) was two sets delivered.