High performance air spring unit: AMP series

Low natural frequency, and low resonance magnification have been realized at last by adopting pendulum structure!
They are unit-type air spring, easy to attach to the system for the anti-vibration.

High performance air spring unit: AMP series

These are unit type air spring “AMP Series”.

4 kinds according to the load weights are prepared. Load weights can be loaded up to several tons.

Horizontal natural frequency: 0.8-1.5Hz, Vertical natural frequency 1.5-2.5 Hz.

Excellent anti-vibration performance is obtained concerning all 6 freedom, by adopting pendulum structure.

Even in the case of high position weight center position, rotation vibrations can be controlled with their high damping performance.

Normal sets are attached four air spring units and three horizontal adjusters.



  • High performance, high damping and outstanding in stability.
  • Realized high performance, but low cost.
  • Compact design involving over-float prevention function.
  • Easy to attach with an auto-leveling adjuster.


Product usage

  • Semi-conductor inspection equipment/ Electron microscope (TEM, SEM)/ AFM/ STM/ Optical laboratory equipment/ Interferometer