All in one package

Vibration analysis beforehand. Best planning based on analysis.
We support till setting and installation.
Construction will be reliable because it is carried out in all one package.

All in one package

Sufficient inspection before anti-vibration construction is most important. For the introduction of an anti-vibration system, the vibration measurements are executed first. Technical staffs measure the vibrations of the position in concern, and frequency spectrum analyze the data.

We design anti-vibration system based on the vibration analysis data, considering users’ broad demands, and provide it to the users. Please leave the anti-vibration construction to us. We, Showa Science members, support users to build such as clean room, and various places which are used reliably by the users.

  • Vibration analysis beforehand.
    Vibration analysis beforehand.
  • Design sample considered on users' needs.
    Design sample considered on users' needs.